10 Downing Street Reception

From left: Our chair Daniel Mendoza, Executive Director and Co-Founder Gillian Walnes, Samantha Cameron, Anne Frank Ambassadors Esther and Elissa. 



As a huge thank you to our supporters over the years, we invited 120 guests, including our patrons, trustees and benefactors, to 10 Downing Street for a reception held by Samantha Cameron on 8th July 2014.


Praised as an 'amazing charity', Mrs Cameron showed great admiration for the work we do to challenge prejudice and reduce hatred. The evenings guests included senior staff from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and young Anne Frank ambassadors who spread the message of tolerance in their schools and communities. Among the speakers was Joan Deslandes, head of ethnically diverse Kingsford Community School in Beckton, east London, who explained the immense impact Anne Frank's diary had made on pupils.


Anne Frank House representative Jan Erik Dubbelman saw Tuesday's reception as "a moment in continual growth" for the UK trust. "An event like this is only possible if you build a programme with sustained high quality.The trust is doing an amazing job in reaching people across all communities and it is great that they have support from the north of Scotland to the Isle of Wight."


With grateful thanks to all who continue to support our work throughout the years.