Celebrate a Life

Celebrate a Life

Traditionally flowers have been used as tributes to someone special. However. more and more people are choosing to remember a friend or relative by setting up a memorial fund in their name. It's a great way to honour a loved one, whilst contributing to a fantastic cause. 

Sybilla Friedler’s story

Sybilla Friedler’s childhood held many parallels with Anne Frank’s.  She and three generations of her Jewish family hid on the same street in Amsterdam as the Franks for 2½ years. Unlike the Frank family they remained in hiding until the end of the war.

When Sybilla died aged 77 in 2011, her family and friends wanted to remember her courage during the war by donating to the Anne Frank Trust. Over £4,000 was raised in Sybilla’s memory. It is being be used for education projects in her name.

How it works

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