Generation Diary

We are pleased to announce our two generation diary winners holly and mya!

Mya from luton and Holly from Northern Ireland both became joint winners with their outstanding entries Diary of a feminist and Beautiful places & beautiful people.
They enjoyed a fun-filled day at Penguin Random House head quarters and an exlusive writing master class with popular children's authors Cathy Cassidy and Justin Somper. 


What is Generation Diary?

Generation Diary is a year long multi-media diary writing campaign during which we aim to build the biggest ever digital diary. By doing so we will be encouraging self expression in young people aged 13 – 15 (the age at which Anne Frank wrote her diary), giving them a voice just like Anne Frank. Participants can contribute as many or as few entries as they wish and will feel they are building part of something big.

Entries, submitted in written or video with writing format, will be analysed by the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Kent, and findings will provide an empirical picture of the voice of Britain’s teenagers today.


The campaign has now ended, but you can still visit our dedicated website, to see some of the wonderful entries we have received here.






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