Anne Frank & Family

Anne Frank & Family

Anne Frank’s story has become so closely linked with the Holocaust that it is easy to forget that her family, and millions like them, led normal lives before the rise of the Nazis.  

Just like in any average family, the photo album of the Frank family begins with the birth of the first child. As an amateur photographer, Otto Frank has a single theme: the life and times of his daughters Anne and Margo.

From the accompanying book ‘Anne Frank and Family


''Anne Frank, synonymous with the Holocaust, forever linked with the Nazi Regimen and its horrors culminating in the Final solution to the Jewish Question. Yet how can the story, of a bright and carefree teenage girl, be viewed in any other way, knowing what we now know about the demise of Anne, her family and the millions of other people who have followed her since, each with their own stories?''

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About Anne Frank & Family

Anne Frank and Family is a poignant collection of photographs of Anne and Margot Frank taken during their happy childhood in Frankfurt and Amsterdam by their keen photographer father, Otto. The exhibition includes:

  • Photographs and text telling the story of the Frank family.
  • A children’s quiz and visitor notes.
  • A collection of period artefacts including a pre-war Leica camera similar to the one used by Otto Frank.

Who is suitable for?

Suitable for all ages.

How much space is required?

50m continuous space on walls or stand-alone screens.

How is it run?

The Trust’s Exhibitions Manager can arrange for the exhibition to be hung or your own team can hang it. 

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