Anne Frank + You

Anne Frank & You

Through Anne’s story, this exhibition highlights the issues of identity and prejudice, and the moral choices we face in Britain today.

About Anne Frank + You

Drawing on themes from Anne’s diary such as racial hatred, and the value of freedom, the exhibition creates a journey of self-exploration for visitors. It includes:
  • Poignant personal photos of Anne and her sister Margot.
  • Replica artefacts from Anne’s life and the Holocaust.
  • The chilling genocide tunnel.
  • A near life-size replica of Anne’s bedroom in the Secret Annexe.
  • Powerful imagery of the social issues affecting us in modern Britain.

Who is it suitable for?

Adults and children 10+.

Adult discretion is advised for younger visitors.

How much space is required?

Floor space: 100 sq. metres.

Minimum ceiling height: 2.5 metres.

How is it run?

The Trust trains teams of local volunteers to maintain and steward the exhibition, often including local Anne Frank Ambassadors.

Interested in Volunteering? Click here to find out more.


“Anne Frank's story is one of the most tragic and inspirational to have emerged from the Second World War. The story of Anne Frank and focus on challenging 21st century issues will help ensure we heed the lessons of history.”

Sheila Suso-Runge, Chair of Hackney Community Engagement Board

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