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Prison Project - Creative Writing

Moving words is an innovative creative writing workshop with spoken-word poet Leah Thorn. Using Anne Frank’s story, offenders write about their lives.

In a two-hour workshop, Leah supports participants as they explore storytelling and poetry as a way to gain more confidence in expressing themselves and understanding others.

Leah’s workshops are a fusion of creative writing, self-exploration and performance.


“Amster Dammed” by Noel Troy

Fleeting, cherished childhood dreams

Illumined by kaleidoscopic senses

Indistinct from her promised land of Zion


Scribbling, dreaming, scribbling joyfully,

Anne Frank intuits the purgatory

            Of Amster damned,

Her pencil cutting waves of history

Into the sere and yellow leaf


All our yesterdays are lighted fools

The way to dusty death,

Shadows stretch across the façade

            Of 263 Prinsengracht


Autumnal mist clings to her window

The heady aroma of Bergen-Belsen

Orchids pervade Anne’s room

She scribbles, she dreams,

         Scribbling joyfully

Anne Frank intuits the purgatory

            Of Amster damned



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