What teachers & students say

What teachers say

An Ambassador’s story

KarisKaris was an Anne Frank Ambassador as part of the London Schools Project in 2012. At the end of the year, her group was awarded a trip to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam as recognition for going way beyond what was expected of them. Karis also helped in our London office as part of her work experience. 

“The guide training and the staff were both fun and helped us to enjoy it as well as learn a lot of information. It has made me appreciate the fact that I can live as me and there isn’t a problem with it today. The importance of everybody understanding why discrimination and prejudice is wrong and what it has led to in the past and how it affects peoples’ lives is very important to me.”

Karis, London

“The exhibition and workshops were amazing, we had the chance of expressing our views but also realizing that at times we all go along with the crowd mentality, even if we think it is wrong.”

Year 9 Student, Morpeth School, London

 “This exhibition was very interesting and helpful. It should teach everyone in the world a lesson of respect. Anne Frank will always be a history to learn about because of what she went through in her life.”

Year 10 Student, Highbury Grove School, London

“Now I am not racist or prejudiced as I think of the other person’s feelings as well as just my own. I now get myself involved if I feel someone else is showing racist or prejudiced views.”

Student, Scotland

“It makes me want to be a better person and make sure something like this never happens again.”

Student, Scotland

“I never thought I could do something like this. It boosted my confidence. It made me think about how people were treated because of their race and how wrong it is to mistreat people.”

Student, Scotland

“The peer educators were evidence that this exhibition can change opinions and influence children’s lives.”

Teacher, County Durham

“…a real opportunity for those involved to boost their literacy skills within a meaningful context and allow them to make cross-curricular links. Every single guide provided positive input and this will have the effect of making them feel like a valued member of the school community.”

Teacher, Fife

“A huge thank you on behalf of the children and myself for your fantastic workshop. It was interesting, visual and stimulating as well as fitting in perfectly with our current theme. You have an excellent knowledge of the topic and a relaxed manner with the children”

Teacher, Liverpool

“The story of Anne Frank captivated the young people. The students showed great sympathy, and disbelief in many instances, and began to show compassion very quickly. I watched our young people open up their minds and challenge prejudice and discrimination.”

Teacher, Bishopbriggs

“… the strongest part of the work was allowing the pupils to guide other pupils & staff. The pupils were really excited about this. They really took ownership of the project and regarded the exhibition as theirs. It was a delight to see the pupils caring about something so much.”

Teacher, Glasgow

“You can legislate and pass as many laws as you want, but you cannot coerce people into loving each other. But we can educate them into having empathy and tolerance. Certainly the work that has been done within here is one of the most significant pieces of work in terms of learning and growth that our young people have experienced.”

Programmes Manager, Airdrie

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