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Read here some extracts from our Chair, Daniel Mendoza. You can read his letter in full in our Annual Accounts here

“The world seemed to be an even more troubling place in 2014. Two very high profile incidents, the killing of journalists and then Jewish shoppers in Paris and innocent school children in Peshawar, gave the sense that there is a continuing and increasing threat to people because of their religion, culture, background or beliefs. We read on an almost daily basis reports in our newspapers of increases in crimes motivated by antagonism and hatred against different minority groups.

What was missing from many of these articles were reports of the positive and inclusive work combatting what seems to be an ever-present and growing issue in our society. The Anne Frank Trust has tackled all types of prejudice and discrimination with the aim towards educating and informing but, as importantly, to encourage people to have a positive attitude to those from backgrounds and cultures different from their own. This work is needed as much today as ever and I am delighted to report that we are working with more beneficiaries, in more locations, with greater, demonstrable impact."

Daniel Mendoza | June 2015

Our objectives

The objectives of the Trust are to advance public education in the UK in the principles of religious and racial tolerance and of democracy as illustrated by the life and diary of Anne Frank. Read the Anne Frank Trust’s mission statement here. The main areas of activity are to further the mission of the Trust:

  • Among young people through the provision of Anne Frank exhibitions and educational programmes in schools, colleges and local communities. Read more about our Schools Project here
  • Among offenders and people at risk of offending, through the provision of Anne Frank exhibitions and educational programmes in prisons, young offenders institutions and to other ‘at risk’ groups. Read more about our Prisons Project here
  • Among the general public, through the provision of public exhibitions and educational events and activities. Read more about our public exhibitions here
  • By raising its profile to schools, educational establishments, prisons, the Government, other charitable and the public sector, general public and to our supporters. Read more about our campaigns here
  • By developing funding models which ensure the sustainability of our programmes, and cover the central running costs of the organisation and allow for planned growth.

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