Anne Frank Trust UK

Anne Frank Trust UK

Former Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan signing the Anne Frank Declaration


The Anne Frank Trust UK began after a touring exhibition, Anne Frank in the World 1929-1945, came to Bournemouth in 1989. The original exhibition was created by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

The impact of the exhibition was so great that it inspired these people to set up a charity to continue her work and spread the messages of Anne’s life and diary across the UK: 

  • David Soetendorp, former Rabbi of Bournemouth Reform Synagogue and first chair of the Trust
  • Gillian Walnes, the Trust’s current Vice President
  • Eva Schloss, Otto Frank’s step-daughter
  • Bee Klug, a friend of Otto Frank and the Trust’s honorary life president until she passed away in 2012 aged 92

The charity was founded in 1990, fulfilling Otto Frank’s wish for an educational organisation in Britain in memory of his daughter.

Starting out in Gillian’s home in Dorset, the Trust rapidly expanded and moved to London in 1992, and thanks to generous support from the Pears Foundation, to its current London location in 2004.


2002: Bee Klug received an MBE for helping to found the Anne Frank Trust

2010: Gillian Walnes was awarded an MBE for her work with the Trust

2012: Eva Schloss was awarded an MBE for her many years of educational work



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