The Anne Frank Annual Lunch has been held every January since 2003, in the week of Holocaust Memorial Day

It serves as a focus of remembrance for those victims as well as for the survivors of the travesties of genocide and hate crimes over the last century and a half. The Annual Lunch provides an opportunity for supporters of the Anne Frank Trust to find out about the work we do to reduce prejudice and discrimination and hear directly from the young people we work with on how our programmes have made a difference to their lives.


Each year at the Annual Lunch, we invite our Anne Frank Ambassadors and a high profile speaker to address the impact of prejudice on society at large and the power of education in combating this. A significant part of proceedings is a poignant candle lighting ceremony to honour the victims of persecution, hatred and genocide.

Previous speakers have included, James O’Brien, Lord Alf Dubs, RT Hon Sajid Javid, RT Hon Theresa May, former South African President FW. de Klerk, President of the International Rescue Committee David Miliband, and Marianne Pearl, wife of murdered journalist, David Pearl.


The audience of around 600 is professionally and culturally diverse, with people coming together from all faiths and across the spectrum of law, banking, property, media, education and philanthropy. The audience donates generously to support the Trust’s on-going work to reduce hatred and prejudice throughout society. Each year the event raises up to half a million pounds, over a third of the charity’s annual income. Thanks to the continued support of our guests, the Annual Lunch has become the single biggest fundraising event for the Trust.