Ambassador Programme

Every year the Anne Frank Trust creates hundreds of Anne Frank Ambassadors: young people trained by our education teams across the country, to amplify Anne’s message of social justice and equality for all in their schools, local communities, and online.

These young flag-bearers are encouraged to make their voices heard in the world and are supported in finding creative solutions to challenging issues that they feel strongly about, be it racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia or any other form of prejudice. Ambassadors design and promote their own campaigns, deliver assemblies, write speeches, make films, design exhibition content, perform…our young people are out there, pushing forward the message that Anne could take no further than the pages of her dairy: we are all equal.

We encourage our Ambassadors to take a leading role at our events, putting them centre stage at Parliamentary receptions, gala events, exhibitions, and our Annual Lunch to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Once a year Ambassadors from all over the country come together at a national conference to share their work and exchange ideas on how they can be effective, powerful voices for change.

By nurturing a generation who are inspired and empowered to be prosocially aware and active the Anne Frank Trust is working towards its vision of a society that is free from prejudice and discrimination.

“I think Anne message is still relevant today because sometimes people forget that the prejudice and hate that Anne experienced goes on in today’s society, and it’s something that we need to challenge, and try to stop.”
– Megan, Anne Frank Ambassador, addressing Scottish Parliament

“I think that Anne Frank’s story has inspired me to not judge people. Maybe by the way they talk or what they look like and to try and help everyone no matter where they’re from or what my opinions are of them.”

Zimali, Anne Frank Ambassador
Frances Bardsley Academy, London