Make a Diary Project

”I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.”
-Anne Frank, 12 June 1942

Anne Frank was given her beloved diary for her 13th birthday – it was to become her friend and confidante during her time in hiding in the Secret Annexe. She even gave it a name – Kitty. Writing during the Second World War Anne writes about the treatment of Jewish people, her life, her time in hiding and the impact all of this this had on her family.

While Anne had her rights and freedoms forcibly removed because she was Jewish, and was eventually killed by the Nazis, our rights have been restricted through social distancing in an attempt to keep us all safe from coronavirus. So there are similarities here, and also some big differences.

During this time of lockdown, why not be inspired by Anne and try keeping your own diary, or start with a single entry!

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Dear Katie,
I have decided that I would write a diary like Anne Frank because she was locked inside just like me. My dad told me Anne called her diary Kitty, so I’m going to call mine Katie, after my best friend at school.
Today I’m in lockdown, the 16th day at home with my brother, mum and dad. We have been at home since my brother coughed in class, so we both had to go straight home.
Well, after a week and a half everybody else was in lockdown too because of corona virus. Now every night when we have dinner my parents watch the news, so we know what’s going on. Now we can’t go outside or see our family and friends.
With all of this going on I’m feeling scared, worried and nervous because I do not want to get it. I really want it to stop so I can see my friends and family. Also, to go back to school so I don’t have to learn from home. I really miss my friends, so my mum lets my facetime them sometimes. I can also facetime my family.
Every day to keep us entertained we have a challenge. These challenges are making a den, telling stories and silly games like rolling a biscuit down your face into your mouth without using your hands.
Write to you tomorrow.
Love from,
Age 8 from Bedford

Isla is part of a community dance group in Kempston which the Trust worked with last year. The group produced a dance in response to Anne’s story which was performed at NHCAW 2019.