Our trip to Amsterdam– -By Jordan, an Anne Frank Ambassador from Dundee

As Ambassadors on the Anne Frank project, we were given the privilege to travel out to Amsterdam. We did many things on this trip but the main reason we were there was to deepen our knowledge of Anne Frank and her story. To do this we visited the Anne Frank House. It was a very interesting place. It is an audio tour that walks you through a museum with a lot of the history of the Frank Family and how they ended up in the Annex. While walking through the actual house there is no audio. It was a staggering experience, everyone walked through reading the facts and information on the walls in complete silence. We learnt about each person in the annex and got the chance to see one item that belonged to each person. We learnt where each person slept and just how difficult it must have been to live there in such a small confined space with so many people. In all honesty, when going into this experience we had no idea how upsetting it was going to be. We think this feeling was shared by many people who visited it with us. It’s so hard to put into words the feeling you experience while you walk around that small Annex in complete silence learning all the history and looking at all the personal items. We learnt how hopeful they were when they learned that the allies had landed in France, Otto Frank was especially excited about keeping a small map documenting the allied forces route and how close they were to being freed, but we also learnt how all this hope was snatched away when they were discovered in the Annex.

The audio tour then continued and told of the fates of all those who lived in the Annex, telling us where they were transported to and what concentration camp, they ended up in.
Edith and Otto Frank in Auschwitz and Margot and Anne Frank in Bergen‐Belsen. The tour told us that out of the 8 people in the Annex only Otto survived and when he learnt about his children dying that was heart‐breaking and upset me deeply.

Finally, we are told just how her diary was turned into a book. Having her diary turned into a book was a dream of Anne’s and Otto made that dream a reality which was incredibly heart‐ warming. Then right at the end there was a projector screening some celebrities and some holocaust survivors talking about why Anne’s book is so important to remember and celebrate which was an emotional way to top off the whole experience.

The Director of Education for the Anne Frank House took time to speak to us and told us about his journey from Anne Frank Ambassador at school like us to Director of the Anne Frank House. This has inspired us to continue our Anne Frank Ambassador roles within school where we will work with the new group of trainees later in the year.

Jordan, Ryan, Carys, Leah, Natalia, Hannah.