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By Miranda Love / 06/02/2020

Remembering the Holocaust

Jonathan Kennedy, is Head of Humanities at Belle Vue Girls' Academy. He accompanied a number of his students to the...

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By Miranda Love / 29/11/2019

A close up on history

By Stuart Wilcox (Anne Frank Trust Regional Manager for west Midlands). Monday 21st October myself and a small group of primary...

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By Guest Editor / 19/09/2018

Passing on Anne’s story

Our Anne Frank Ambassador Charlotte from Bedfordshire shares her experience of working with the Trust... I am a student who...

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By Guest Editor / 29/08/2018

Is this a story with a happy ending?

By Isabel Sánchez Vergara When 7 years ago, I started writing the very first book of Little People, BIG DREAMS, I...

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By Guest Editor / 24/07/2018

“No matter how old you are, or where you come from, you can make a difference”

By Sabina, Anne Frank Ambassador My name is Sabina and I am an Anne Frank Ambassador and a Year 10 student from Vandyke Upper...

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By Guest Editor / 29/05/2018

Reflections on March of the Living 2018

By Nicola Strauther The March of the Living is an international educational programme, which brings Jewish people from all over...

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By Guest Editor / 05/04/2018

Being an Anne Frank Ambassador changed my life

By Uzma Zahid There are few experiences that I recognize as life changing; being an Anne Frank Ambassador (I struggle...

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By Guest Editor / 21/03/2018

‘I lacked hope that I might be a person of any value.’

By Charles Donovan I can trace every bad decision, every wrong turn, back to my school environment of the 1980s....

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By Guest Editor / 06/03/2018

The Impact of Online Abuse is Real

By Seyi Akiwowo My name is Seyi, I’m an activist against racism, sexism, online abuse and a campaigner for youth rights....

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By Guest Editor / 20/02/2018

The Future of Humanity

By Ruth Barnett The human 'family tree' is amazing, whether you trace it back to Eve and Adam or to...

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