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Our use of cookies

“Cookies” are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which enables the server to collect information from the browser. They are stored on your hard drive to allow our website to recognise you when you visit. We only use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To monitor how visitors are using the website. We use Google Analytics to learn information about our users, such as which country they live in and which pages are most read and how long they are read for. This enables us to improve our website. It does not allow us to obtain personal information about visitors.
  • To allow users to link to the site on social media.

We do not use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To collect any personally identifiable information, unless you have chosen to give it to us.
  • To pass any information to advertisers or any other third parties.

Under the European Union’s e-Privacy Directive, we need your permission to store cookies on your computer or device. Like many charities, we need time to develop the website to enable us to record permission from our visitors. Until that time, the best means for us to get your consent is by letting you know here how we use cookies. If your internet browser’s settings accept cookies then we assume that you are happy for us to use them. If you do not wish us to use cookies, then please change your browser settings to turn them off and delete them from your browsing history. For guidance on controlling cookies on different browsers and devices, a helpful guide can be found here. Please be aware that disabling cookies may affect your experience of using the website.