Our COVID-19 Commitment for working in schools and community settings

During this time of Covid-19, our commitment is to maintain the impact of our education programmes while protecting everyone’s health.

As social divisions, inequality and “othering” continue to be exacerbated by the pandemic, the Anne Frank Trust’s anti-prejudice expertise is needed more than ever. But, as for everyone right now, our overriding priority is to prevent transmission of the virus, especially to our staff and the young people and colleagues we work with.

To ensure educational reach at the same time as protecting health, we have adapted our programmes, and developed entirely new ones, to deliver within a rigorous framework of risk management.

Necessity has created some exciting opportunities, and we are as determined as ever to empower young people to free the world from all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We greatly look forward to working with you to achieve that vision.

Our delivery options

We have three routes for delivering our programmes. We are happy to discuss whichever is right for your school or community setting:

1. In person. A member of our education team leads the sessions in person in the classroom, within appropriate risk assessment and social distancing measures. See more below.

2. Online. A member of our team leads the sessions via video-link or an online teaching platform, in collaboration with a teacher in the classroom to oversee activities and support learning.

3. Hybrid. A mixture of in-person and online delivery, e.g. a member of our team might lead an assembly in person to introduce and launch the programme, which is then delivered mainly online.

Our commitment to you

We will do everything we can to minimise the risk of infection to anyone in your school. You are welcome to see a copy of our full risk management plan, which includes:

· Every day before going to a school, all our staff are taking their temperatures and completing a health questionnaire. No Anne Frank Trust staff will go into a school or meet anyone if they or a member of their household has potential Covid-19 symptoms, or if they have been notified by NHS Test and Trace of potential contact with the virus.

· If we have to cancel an in-person delivery session at short notice, we will provide an alternative member of staff or online delivery.

· Our staff will wash their hands frequently, maintain at least 2 metres’ distance at all times, and observe any other social distancing measures you require at your school.

· Our staff are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment, including visors, anti-viral wipes, gloves and sanitiser.

· We will not hand over anything physical in person. Any paper or physical learning resources will be sent by post or courier at least 72 hours in advance.

· All our staff have undertaken Infection Prevention & Control training.

· We are regularly reviewing and updating our procedures in the light of experience and in response to changing Government regulations.

Your commitment to us

In return, we ask you to help protect the health of our staff and of people in the other schools we visit.

· At initial planning stage, send us your Covid-19 risk assessment and procedures so that we can assess them and agree with you the best delivery option.

· When planning sessions, aim to reduce risk by limiting the range of contact – eg. by arranging for us to work with students within a particular bubble.

· Once the sessions are booked, let us know as soon as possible of any changes to the level of risk in your school, including any new or likely cases of Covid-19.

· Please ensure access for our staff to wash their hands throughout the day,

· Please do not hand anything to us in person. Any paperwork must be sent by post. If we loan anything to you – eg. our exhibition stands – these must be thoroughly cleaned and/or untouched for 72 hours in your school before they can be collected by our courier.

If you have any questions or comments about our Covid-19 measures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sarah Nuzum

Director of Education