Prisons Project

We’ve been running our Prison Project since 2002 and believe our work with offenders is vital to the achievement of a more inclusive and hate free society. Prisons are an often challenging setting where the participants in our work come from hugely diverse backgrounds, education levels, ages and criminal behaviour.

We use the powerful story of Anne Frank and the backdrop of the Holocaust in our prison-specific exhibition, combined with the moving testimony of a Holocaust survivor attending in person. This encourages very open dialogue on issues of prejudice and discrimination, victimhood and new perspectives among offenders. The peer guiding model ensures that participants gain both knowledge and new skills they can utilise in their rehabilitation.

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“Some prisons can be a breeding ground for extremism. A lot of the younger people who have come through here would have been borderline antisemitic… As a Muslim myself, it has given me the opportunity to…challenge some of those ideas.”

Prisoner HMP Wormwood Scrubs