Free To Be

Free To Be is an antibullying programme for primary and secondary school settings that puts pupils at the heart of exploring and finding solutions to prejudice-related bullying.  It is available for delivery via screen, in-person (socially distanced) or through a hybrid of the two.

Anne Frank’s life and diary are the starting point for learning, with young people encouraged to further consider how Anne’s experiences have echoes in contemporary life.  By drawing lessons from history that remain relevant today young people gain a fuller understanding of the impact of prejudice and discrimination.  

Through educatorled workshops and peer education students develop their critical thinking whilst creative skills are nurtured through the production of projects and films about different types of prejudice and discrimination. These student-generated resources then provide a catalyst for ongoing debate and leave a legacy for the programme beyond its delivery in school. 

The Primary Programme (Years 5 & 6): 

  • Full class workshops lasting approximately half a day on Anne Frank, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and bullying.
  • Following a full class workshop, a small group of Ambassadors (6-8 students) are selected to create an assembly promoting a positive antibullying message that can be delivered to peers, other staff members and parents.

The Secondary Programme: 

  • Workshop sessions for classes (1hr and 2hr workshop sessions available) using Anne Frank’s life and diary as a starting point to explore different forms of prejudice and discrimination in a contemporary context including homophobia, Islamophobia and sexism. Each workshop will focus on one of the themes but delivery can be flexible to deliver a variety of themes to different classes and year groups
  • Following the workshops, an Ambassador group (approx. 6-8 students) is selected to identify a positive antibullying message they want to share and are supported by a professional filmmaker to produce a film that shares their message
  • Ambassadors are then further supported to make resources to accompany their film allowing it to be used a resource in school providing the catalyst for ongoing debate and discussion

Benefits of the Free To Be programme: 

  • Young people have an increased understanding of Anne Frank’s story and a strong understanding of the dangers of different forms of prejudice and discrimination
  • Young people develop their critical thinking, creativity and empathy by identifying and understanding the impact and effect of prejudice-based bullying
  • Following Anne Frank’s inspirational words, ‘Nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’, young people are engaged and empowered to want to become positive agents of change

84% of young people had more confidence to report prejudice-based bullying 
after taking part in Free To Be. 

‘Since taking part in the programme I have seen such positive behaviour from our Ambassadors, understanding the importance of their message and wanting to promote it and look out for others around the school.
Year 6 teaching assistant Knavesmire Primary School 

Cost and availability: 

There is no cost for the Free To Be Programme in state schools in London, North East England, North West England and Yorkshire & Humber. For other regions and independent schools please email for more information and a breakdown of fees. 

Free To Be is funded by the Department for Education. 

We currently offer a taster of downloadable sample school resources here.

If you’d like to book Free to Be in your school, please contact us.