History for Today

Our core in-school, education programme uses the popular exhibition, Anne Frank: A History for Today which charts Anne’s life against the rise of the Nazis and the Holocaust. The programme teaches young people about the roots and consequences of prejudice and discrimination and is both interactive and impactful. In addition to learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, young people explore examples of prejudice and discrimination that are more recent and look at how it happens today. 

The programme is based on a peer education learning model whereby young people are selected and trained by our staff to become peer guides. In this role, young people deliver guided tours of the exhibition to their peers, teachers and the wider school community.  It is a rewarding experience for young people, one that consolidates understandingbuilds self-confidence and strengthens their commitment to challenging prejudice and discrimination.  

Workshops can also be added as part of the History for Today programme to further embed the learning across a larger group of young people. 

Lasting benefits of the programme: 

  • Increased knowledge and understanding around Anne Frank, the Holocaust and Prejudice and discrimination
  • An understanding of Anne Frank as a role model for Youth Voice
  • Development of presentation and social skills
  • Increased confidence and commitment to challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Peer Guides also have the opportunity to join our Ambassador Programme


  • For young people aged 10-15 years
  • Up to 20 peer guides can be trained in a group
  • The exhibition consists of approximately 30 self-supporting panels, set up by our staff and can be adapted to fit most spaces
  • The exhibition can usually be booked for a two-week period in a school
  • Additional workshops can be added
  • There is no cost to state schools in East, London, North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside.
  • For other regions and independent schools, please email for a breakdown of fees.

Director of Education, Sarah Nuzum: sarah@annefrank.org.uk 

“Anne Frank has inspired me to stand up for people. Say if we go back a year or two, if someone was being abused or someone was being called out I’d have left it alone or walked away, but now I would stand up for that person.”

Dennis, Anne Frank Ambassador
Kingsford Community School, London