Together, We Can Achieve Unity – Shared Learning Paper from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Race, Faith and Hate Crime Programme 2020-2021

This shared learning paper explores the work of 8 organisations, including the Anne Frank Trust, who engaged in work aimed at increasing social cohesion during the pandemic.

All organisations involved were highly successful both in terms of reach and impact. Adapting and finding creative new ways to deliver during the pandemic, we were able to bring together people of different faiths, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages and incomes.

Our Back Together, Stronger Together programme was run as part of this work, reaching over 14,000 people through our workshops and My Story programme aimed at tackling faith and race hate crimes.

This work was part of the Race, Faith and Hate Crime Programme 2020-2021 funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments.

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Our offer to schools for the spring term of 2021

The country may be in its third lockdown, and schools may be closed to most pupils, but here at the Anne Frank Trust we are maintaining our full educational offer. With many young people separated and isolated, our work to build tolerance and social cohesion is more vital than ever. We have developed four areas of education especially to meet young people’s needs in these challenging times.

These four areas are:

1. Online Learning Events

We will be hosting a series of online learning events that are open to all school pupils and their teachers. We will begin with an event on Holocaust Memorial Day (Wednesday 27 the January) where young people will have the opportunity to hear the remarkable story of survivor Eva Clarke.

We are planning further events for Safer Internet Day, LGBTQ History Month, World Book Day and International Women’s Day.

For each of these learning events, teachers will be able to sign their classes up for each event via an Eventbrite link and the link
for the event will be sent the afternoon before the event.

We already have a pre-recorded session with guidance available with Holocaust survivor, and stepsister of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss. This session focuses on Antisemitism and is suitable for secondary school pupils.

2. Home Learning Pack

We have designed a home learning pack with activities for pupils to do at home without the need for a computer. All that is needed is paper and pens/pencils and the pack can be used by those who do not have prior knowledge of Anne Frank or the Holocaust.

This pack can be accessed by schools for them to send directly to their students and will be available on our website. We will offer young people the opportunity to share their work with us.

We ask that any work that young people wish to share, is sent to us by teachers and, if permission is granted, we will share the work on our social media platforms and we will provide feedback on the work as soon as we can.

3. Supported Teacher Delivery

We have created a free lesson plan for teachers to deliver with support from our education team both before and after delivery.

This lesson plan has been designed as an introduction to Anne Frank and to understand her experiences of prejudice and discrimination because of her faith. The lesson also explores contemporary examples of prejudice and discrimination today including faith and race-based hate crime today.

We will offer guided support about the lesson prior to delivery and a debrief session post- delivery. This support will include guidance and techniques around how to deliver the lesson, deal with a difficult subject matter etc and to evaluate how the lesson went.

4. Video-link Workshops

Last year, we adapted all our programmes for completely safe delivery by video-link – including our Free To Be anti-bullying workshops, My Story and Together Again Programmes. We are continuing to offer our full range of workshops to schools, using video-link platforms such as Microsoft Teams and zoom. These workshops can be delivered live or can be pre-recorded sessions.

These workshops will be delivered by a member of our education team and can be delivered to classes learning remotely or to those who still remain in school.

If you would like access to the resources or any further information about our educational offer, please email