Prejudice and discrimination harms individuals, communities and society. We believe that through education young people can be made more aware of what constitutes prejudice and discrimination and can equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to challenge attitudes and actions. We currently partner with schools, local authorities, criminal justice education services and others, to deliver education to young people in a variety of settings, predominantly in schools. Our interactive and impactful programmes include an exhibition of Anne Frank’s life and diary, combined with up-to-the-minute workshops, peer education and an ambassador programme which gives young people a volunteering opportunity to take leadership roles in their school and to become active in local social action.

The Anne Frank Schools Programme

Our Anne Frank Schools Programme teaches young people about Anne Frank’s life and the Holocaust, while also raising awareness of contemporary issues of prejudice and discrimination by relating Anne’s story to modern scenarios. Over a two week period, we bring our interactive and impactful programme into school which includes an exhibition of Anne Frank’s life and diary, combined with workshops, peer education and our Ambassador Programme.

We take the young people we work with on a journey through the programme by increasing their knowledge, developing their skills and building their confidence to change attitudes and challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

As well as our Schools Programme, one-off exhibitions, or exhibition visits can also be booked for schools – with our Anne Frank + You and our A History For Today exhibitions.

“Anne Frank has inspired me to stand up for people. Say if we go back a year or two, if someone was being abused or someone was being called out I’d have left it alone or walked away, but now I would stand up for that person.”

Dennis, Anne Frank Ambassador
Kingsford Community School, London