Together Again

Rebuilding social cohesion after lockdown

Together Again is our new programme to support young people as they resettle in schools and community groups after lockdown.

The programme uses the story of Anne Frank to help 10- to 15-year-olds reflect on what they’ve learnt from lockdown, and set their own values and goals going forward. Inspiring, empowering and carefully structured, it is a flexible package of education workshops and activities that we can adapt to different settings. We can deliver it by video-link or socially distanced face to face.

Coronavirus has exacerbated isolation, inequality and “othering” across Britain. It has also generated new connections and neighbourhood action, especially online. So the gradual easing of lockdown presents a unique moment of both risk and opportunity.

The pandemic has impacted on young people particularly in terms of learning and socialisation. As young people return to their schools and communities, it is vital that they are supported to resume their social relationships as positively as possible. Some may need to overcome anxieties and stereotypes that have built up during lockdown. Many will benefit from a reminder to celebrate diversity and live together with our differences. All have a chance to start afresh in their aspirations and values.

The Diary of Anne Frank is exceptionally relevant and powerful as an educational tool in this context. It offers brilliant insights into a teenager’s experience of being cooped up with family, while the very different historical circumstances of persecution under the Nazis can help put coronavirus in perspective. Above all, the Diary provides a role model of how a young person can turn separation into an opportunity for positive self-expression and hope: “I will make my voice heard, I will go out into the world and work for humankind”, as Anne Frank wrote on 11 April 1944. The Holocaust cruelly prevented Anne from fulfilling her hopes, but our experience at the Anne Frank UK is that this makes today’s young people even more determined to pursue equality and kindness.

We have been empowering young people to speak out against prejudice for nearly 30 years. In our Together Again programme, we are distilling this expertise to focus on the crucial moment of resettlement after the coronavirus lockdown.

The Together Again programme offers:

Lasting benefits

By the end of the Together Again workshop, each young participant will have:

  • a strong understanding of the dangers of prejudice and of Anne Frank as a role model of youth voice
  • created their own personal motto of three key values – e.g. kindness, tolerance, honesty, collaboration, respect for difference
  • written a promise card to themselves with their intentions, which will be posted back to them as a reminder 3 weeks later
  • practical knowledge of where to get further information and/or ongoing pastoral support


  • Available from August 2020
  • For young people aged 10 –15 years
  • In schools, youth groups or other community settings
  • Up to 30 young people per class or group
  • Delivered via video-link or in person with appropriate social distancing
  • Together Again core workshop available in 1-hour, 2-hour or half-day versions
  • Additional introductory workshops available for young people with no previous knowledge of Anne Frank
  • Optional school assembly or larger group presentation by Anne Frank Trust staff
  • Additional follow-on workshops for up to 8 young people to create a presentation about their learning to present e.g. in a school assembly
  • No cost to state schools or community groups in Scotland, London, North East England, North West England and Yorkshire (depending on availability)
  • For other regions and independent schools, please email for breakdown of fees

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If you are interested in booking a Together Again workshop for your school or local community please contact our Director of Education, Sarah Nuzum: