Anne Frank & You

This thought-provoking and hugely popular exhibition exploring the life and modern legacy of Anne Frank has been visited by over 10,000 visitors at locations across the UK since the start of the year. Presenting facsimile artefacts that include a life-sized replica of Anne’s bedroom in the ‘secret annexe’ of Prinsengracht 263 it gives visitors a glimpse of her life in hiding.

Anne and her family spent over two years in hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam during which time she wrote stories and diaries chronicling her extraordinary situation. The exhibition’s historical content is juxtaposed with a powerfully illustrated contemporary section that highlights themes from Anne’s diary such as racial hatred and the value of freedom and education and how they play out in the modern world.

So far this year the exhibition has visited London and Glasgow attracting huge visitor numbers.

If you would like to book the Anne Frank + You exhibition, please contact us.

This exhibition is next on display at St Albans Cathedral 23 Jan – 20 Feb 2020.