Anne Frank & Family

This unique, intimate exhibition invites visitors to view the Frank family album displaying, as it does, photographs taken by Otto Frank himselfthat poignantly illustrate the early life of Anne and her older sister Margot. 

Otto’s pictures – taken on his prized Leica camera – reflect all the beauty and mundanity of domestic family life, As with any average family, the Frank’s photo album begins with the birth of their first child, Margot, and continue with images that we can all relate to: first steps, day trips and birthday parties.

Besides these images there were experiments with light, with shadow and with advertising photography. These pictures make the exhibition particularly interesting for Otto is a man who adored his daughters and was passionate about photography. He documented the development of his children and at the same time explored the possibilities of this exciting new medium.

What we now know about the horrors that Anne and her family endured affects how her diary is perceived and the same is true of this extraordinary exhibition: it is the viewers’ knowledge of the family’s fate that make this exhibition such a moving experience.

Most family photo albums, whilst beginning with the birth of children, end somewhere organically in early adulthood. Before that moment was ever to come, circumstances forced Otto Frank to stop photographing his daughters.

He would never use his beloved Leica again.