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Since Anne Frank’s diary was first published in 1947 it has inspired generations of people around the world.
Her extraordinary story – of living in hiding with her family in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam for over 2 years during World War II – and her remarkable account of that experience, have made her an international icon.

Anne was tragically killed by the Nazis at just 15. One of 6 million people murdered simply because they were Jewish, and millions more because of their ethnicity, political beliefs or sexual orientation. All of them victims of prejudice.

We at the Anne Frank Trust UK believe that no-one should ever have to suffer prejudice and discrimination. Yet sadly, hatred and mistrust of people simply because they are ‘different,’ still happen in society today.

The following resources have been developed to support families, educators and young people during this period of national school closure. As well as focusing on the life and times of Anne Frank, each resource seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination.

Over the coming months we will be making available a range of activities on our website that can be completed at home. New activities will be released on a regular basis so please consult our social media channels for updates.

Information Pack
Activity Pack
For Ages 9-13
For Ages 11-16
For Ages 9-16

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