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Consultancy services to support an internal communications review and recommendations

The Trust:

At the Anne Frank Trust UK, our aim is for Anne’s voice to be heard by as many people as possible, so that all of us are inspired to rid the world of hatred. We are a long-established, highly regarded education charity that empowers young people to challenge prejudice and discrimination. Sadly – with hate crime and other social division rising at unprecedented rates – our work is needed more than ever. We are determined to meet this spiralling need, to ensure that hatred and bigotry cannot take root in future generations. Using Anne Frank’s life and diary as a starting point, we empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. In doing so, we partner with schools, local authorities, the criminal justice sector and others to deliver educational programmes alongside acclaimed exhibitions to young people in a variety of settings.

Current Situation

The Anne Frank Trust currently employs 30 staff approximately 14 of whom are head office based and the rest (expanding) are based around the country in area teams (East, London, North East, North West, Scotland, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Prisons). Each member of regional staff has a computer and mobile phone, whilst all head office staff have access to a computer. As an organisation there is a diarised Zoom meeting every Tuesday which has mixed numbers attending and is not met with enthusiasm by all. Additionally we have termly staff days where all staff attend in a location and there are a number of team meetings that take place. As a geographically disparate organisation it is important that knowledge and information is shared and that a corporate culture of ‘team’ is created.


The Trust wishes to enhance the role the Internal Communications plays in connecting and building a ‘common purpose’ across the teams. As an organisation we understand why we need to communicate – we are seeking support as to the how. We are seeking a consultant/agency who can offer sound advice on the best approach and practical solutions to help make rapid progress. It is important that there is a culture and sense of ‘team’ throughout the organisation. It is equally important that there is equal knowledge, support and understanding of the key issues that are being faced by the individual teams and as an organisation in order that solutions and support can be offered. We are therefore looking for support to embed a way and a culture that internal communications can be improved across the organisation. Your final report should be written in a word document or PowerPoint presentation which you will be expected to present to the Senior Management Team.

Please provide a response to detailing:

  • How you would deliver the project
  • Your staffing and resources required to deliver the project
  • Timings & Milestones
  • Detailed costs breakdown (c£2K) and justification for these costs.
  • Outcomes expected
  • Case studies for similar projects completed.

The responses will be assessed based on value for money and quality.

If you require any clarification for further detail please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Bruck by email (details above) or by phone – 07878-074453

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