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Consultation to support the development of our “FREE TO BE” anti bullying programme


The Anne Frank Trust UK is carrying out consultation to help us develop our “Free To Be” Anti Bullying programme funded by the Department for Education.  The existing programme focuses around Islamophobia, Homophobia and Sexism. We are looking both for either Community Consultation with partner organisations or stakeholders who would like to give us their views, and Professional Input on a freelance basis.  Both will need to demonstrate any appropriate expertise and lived experience of one of the issues that the programme addresses.

The Trust

At the Anne Frank Trust UK, our aim is for Anne’s voice to be heard by as many people as possible, so that all of us are inspired to rid the world of hatred.

We are a long-established, highly regarded education charity that empowers young people to challenge prejudice and discrimination.  Sadly – with hate crime and other social division rising at unprecedented rates – our work is needed more than ever.  We are determined to meet this spiralling need, to ensure that hatred and bigotry cannot take root in future generations.

Using Anne Frank’s life and diary as a starting point, we empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. In doing so, we partner with schools, local authorities, the criminal justice sector and others to deliver educational programmes alongside acclaimed exhibitions to young people in a variety of settings.

Due to the current lockdown restrictions because of Covid-19, all of our frontline service delivery in schools are on hold.  Like many organisations at this time, we are developing new ways of working which will enable us to work with young people both during lockdown and once schools have fully reopened.  This has presented us with both challenge and opportunity. It is our aim to deliver this newly developed version of Free To Be from September.

Vision and mission

  • Our Vision is for a society safe from prejudice and discrimination
  • Our Mission is to use Anne Frank’s life and work to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination


Our approach will continue to be educational.  We will continue to work in three main settings, and we will articulate more clearly that these represent our three overall programmes:

  • schools
  • prisons
  • communities.

We work with people of all ages, but a particular focus will remain young people in the last few years of primary and first few years of secondary school (especially because Anne was aged 13 to 15 when writing the Diary.

New Strategy

In January 2020 we launched our 3 year strategy ‘Reaching our Goals’, The Anne Frank Trust UK’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022. Much of this plan has been put on hold during the coronavirus lockdown, but we aim to have it back on track by the start of 2021.

Our focus in the plan is to build the launch-pad for major expansion.

This will be completed by:-

  • Continuous improvement: building on and galvanizing our strengths, achieving incremental progress, for example through curriculum development, staff training, and improved systems for monitoring, quality assurance and IT.
  • Innovation pilots: experimenting with imaginative new projects that can take our work to new levels of impact, or focus on specific types of need; learning from evaluations of these pilots and embedding the most effective ones into our provision.


A full equalities audit and strategy are fundamental to the plan. Work on these will be starting during the summer of 2020.

Our Education objective for the new strategy is clear. We seek to intensify our impact by honing and enriching our educational offer, targeting identified need and using creativity to maximise engagement and empowerment. Therefore, we are seeking to revise our current ‘Free to Be’ anti-bullying Programme before rolling out to schools from September 2020.

Free To Be

The Anne Frank Trust UK’s Free To Be programme is funded by the Department of Education.  It had been delivered in our regions across England, including London, North West, North East, West Midlands, East and Yorkshire & Humberside. The programme is designed with an anti-bullying focus.

As a charity focused on challenging prejudice and discrimination The Anne Frank Trust UK steers its anti-bullying focus towards bullying that is associated with various forms of prejudice and discrimination. We have been successfully delivering this programme to young people for several years.   It is delivered across both Primary and Secondary schools. We have now had confirmed the extension of funding for this project.

The programme begins with an introduction to the life of Anne Frank and exploring what stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination mean.  The dangers of stereotyping are explored.  This then leads into the delivery of one of three central workshops.  In each case, the school will decide which of the following workshops would most benefit their students.

  • Islamophobia
  • Homophobia
  • Sexism

The workshops include groups exercises and films which we want to revise and improve for future use. We want to ensure that our programmes are of the highest standard, that they will have the biggest impact on young people’s ability to respond to hate-based bullying, and that they reflect the perspectives of people with lived experience of these forms of discrimination. Post-coronavirus, some delivery may need to be online or by videolink as well as face to face.

After the workshops, some participants are selected to participate in our Anne Frank Ambassadors Programme, in which they create an anti-prejudice campaign.  This entire programme is also being reviewed and redeveloped.

What we need

We want to improve the quality and deepen the impact of our programme. It is important to the Trust that we review each of our programmes and involve members of different communities in this process, specifically engaging with those with lived experience of prejudice and discrimination.

We are seeking assistance in two areas: Community Consultation and Professional Input.

Community Consultation. We welcome comments, questions, challenges and ideas from partner organisations, organisations with relevant expertise, and especially those with live experience of Islamophobia, Homophobia and/or Sexism.  Let us know briefly what experience or expertise you could bring in helping us think about education around these issues, and we will send you the materials to look at.  Your response could be as simple as an email or phone call with your views. We would be happy to reciprocate in kind in any way that might be helpful: please just ask. We understand that many individuals and organisations may not be able to help on this pro bono basis, and would ask you instead to provide Professional Input.

Professional Input. This is for a more substantial and comprehensive review of and response to our Free To Be films and other resources.  We envisage that this will be one or two days’ work by organisations or individual freelancers with relevant expertise and lived experience. Your response to us would need to include a written report with comments on the Free To Be programme and recommendations for its future development, plus one or more conversations by phone or videolink to explore the issues further as appropriate.

Both the Community Consultation and the Professional Input will remain confidential unless both parties agreed to make it public – for example, by the Anne Frank Trust publicly acknowledging and thanking you for your help.


The Anne Frank Trust is looking for various organisations, groups and communities to help us start this work immediately.

Should you be interested in working with The Anne Frank Trust UK, with regards to Community Consultation, please email telling us briefly:

  • Which specific area(s) you could support us with
  • What appropriate expertise and any lived experience you have
  • How much help you feel you could offer on a voluntary basis


Should you be interested in working with us in regards to Professional Input, please provide a proposal that set out;

  • What specific area(s) you could support us with
  • Appropriate expertise and any lived experience you may have
  • Costings and budget totalling up to circa c£500
  • Examples of similar projects previously worked on.
  • Capacity to complete all work/results by 3rd August 2020.


Please send your proposal to by 5pm 6th July 2020. The proposals will be assessed on appropriate expertise, value for money and quality.

If you require any clarification for further detail please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone – 07878-093684


Sarah Nuzum

Director of Education

The Anne Frank Trust UK

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