Youth Action Group, Newcastle

The Anne Frank Trust has been working with a group of young people from the Roma community in Newcastle who have family roots in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Leading up to the project the group had been engaged by the Streetwise detached youth work team operating in Newcastle’s west end.

With support from the Anne Frank Trust, Streetwise established a weekly session with the group at their base in the city. The young people were encouraged to reflect on culture and identity and share their own experiences through lyric writing and music.

With the encouragement and production skills of musical artist Kema Kay, the group successfully recorded their own songs…and filmed this music video in the streets where they live.

“I am proud for who I am, that gypsy veins are in my body, some people are ashamed, but it’s
God’s gift for me.

Maybe we don’t have a country but we have a place everywhere around the world.”

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