Using Anne Frank’s life and diary as a starting point, we empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. In doing so, we partner with schools, local authorities, the criminal justice sector and others to deliver educational programmes alongside acclaimed exhibitions to young people in a variety of settings.

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Anne Frank - Our Reach in 2016


of peer guides surveyed had an increased knowledge about the harm prejudice can cause after participating in the Anne Frank Schools Programme


of teachers questioned agreed or strongly agreed that peer guides are more likely to report discriminatory behaviour as a result of taking part in the Anne Frank Schools Programme


of peer guides surveyed increased in confidence after taking part in the Anne Frank Schools Programme

Learning about Anne Frank has made me a lot more open-minded…in that I’m willing to meet new people maybe outside of my culture, my race.

Anne Frank Ambassador

Lealands High School, Luton

Becoming a peer guide has made me think a lot about how you shouldn’t just judge someone because of their ethnicity, race or religion. Just because you are different doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated justly and fairly.

Anne Frank Ambassador

Bow School, Tower Hamlets

I’m now able to challenge prejudice and discrimination when I am confronted with it. I always try to help others who don’t understand, and I challenge those who do understand, but still spread hatred.

Anne Frank Ambassador

Windlestone School, County Durham