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Join us again for another evening of unforgettable fun and laughter as you and your team get quizzical for a chance to be crowned winners of the ultimate Quiz Night.

Prizes to be won: Exclusive prizes for the best and worst teams, with a bottle of champagne for the winners.

Team Members not in the same locations – some even abroad? No problem:

The Quiz will be held online via zoom, creating a fantastic opportunity to rope in your most intelligent friends or family members, both near and far! Or why not pit your wits against different departments or branches within your organisation?

Need to confer in secret? No problem

With the use of breakout rooms, teams will be able to confer in secret, so no chance of giving away answers to the competition!

2 easy steps to join:
1. Get your teams of 4 – 6 together
2. Register online here  for only £5 per person

It’s sure to be another memorable night with added twists like Give Us A Clue for those super competitive amongst you!

If you have any queries or would like more information about this event, please do not hesitate to contact Chantelle Morgan at chantelle@annefrank.org.uk